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Dave Doucet

Dave Doucet works in Bellingham and Seattle Washington, performing C. F. Martin Authorized Repair, and brings decades of experience to repairing and restoring all kinds of fretted instruments, acoustic and electric, from guitars and basses to banjos, ukuleles, and mandolins.
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Dave Doucet became interested in instrument making in the 1970s, and got his official start at the Arthur E. Smith Banjo Company, then in Greenfield, Massachusetts, in 1978.  This experience provided a grounding in both general woodworking and the specific skills needed in instrument construction.  He subsequently apprenticed with William Cumpiano, author of Guitar Making: Tradition and Technology (referred to by C.F.Martin IV as the "bible of the craft").  Over the three years with Cumpiano, he became more proficient with the repair and restoration of fretted instruments. He also managed the repair shop while the book was in progress.

He left to take a position at internationally-known Matt Umanov Guitars in New York City.  As head of repairs there he did work for numerous well known artists such as John Hammond, The Roches, Elliot Easton, David Bromberg, Louden Wainwright III, Dave Van Ronk, Ronnie Earl, David Byrne, and many others, as well as studio musicians, serious amateurs, and total newcomers.

In 2001, he opened his own shop in Brooklyn, NY, where he did a great deal of work for, purveyors of fine vintage instruments.  Equally at home with a vintage Tele, pre-war Martin, or old Paramount banjo, his wide range of experience was put to use on a broad array of instruments.

Now located in Bellingham, Washington, he's ready to help with any of your fretted instrument needs!
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Here's what people say about Dave's work:
"Hands of a surgeon, ears of a concert master, nose of a vintage guitar hound - I've entrusted Dave with repairing and restoring everything from pre-war Martins to an 18th Century mandolino. He's always impressed me with his skill, precision and ingenuity and has never let me down!"
- Steve Uhrik, Retrofret Vinatge Guitars ( and Musurgia Fine, Rare and Peculiar Musical Instruments (

"Dave Doucet managed to bring my 1892 Martin's voice back to life after a horrific accident. I would trust him with anything."
- Fl!p Breskin, co-founder Puget Sound Guitar Workshop -

"Dave Doucet took care of all the Roches' guitars for years in New York City. When he moved out to Seattle, I was really upset! One time my brother had a flood in his basement and his vintage Martin guitar was left in pieces. Dave took it for several weeks and returned it in better shape than it was before the flood. You are very lucky to have Dave Doucet work on your guitar!"
- Terre Roche (of The Roches)